Eurostar - On board entertainment
To improve the customer experience on board, Eurostar have brought in an on-train only entertainment website in which customers can access through their own tablet or mobile device. Taking this experience onto personal devices is unique compared to set devices, especially as this results in creating a responsive solution.
To ensure the customer keeps the product associated with in-flight entertainment, all competitor research was kept in this area. While bringing this interface into responsive web design, close communication was kept with the brand team to keep its visual link to the Eurostar experience.
My task was to have sole responsibility of the interface design plus assisting in the user experience with UX architects. The unique outcome was the creation of all visual assets, the presentation of prototypes and a component focused style guideline.
Additional tasks included defining the user journey across the whole site as well as conducting guerrilla user testing in the departure lounges, with a lot of positive feedback from customers.
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