Holland & Barrett
The evaluation of the site resulted in data that highlighted the pain points and main dropoff areas. Tasks were split into smaller sized UI changes and larger scale projects.
Solution (for the smaller changes)
I joined a newly formed team that began to work in two week agile environment sprints. As I provided the visual solutions I also bought in ideas to assist in the project management, such as internal Trello boards and ongoing UI kits for future tasks.
Solution (for the larger projects)
User journeys were defined to explore the existing pain points. This combined with remote user testing resulted in the redefinition of these journeys. In addition, specific research were created and best practices were applied for each project.
While the checkout will meet the needs of all customer types, the product description pages needed to be more tailored based on how our customer base shops. My research combined taking the segmentation from popular studies along with the company's own customer segmentation. The user needs was then defined in its own content hierarchy. 
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