Two separate tasks were discovered - To reduce the number of calls sent to the customer service team and to reduce the number of customers encountering the desktop site when on a mobile or tablet device.
At that current time, none of the Eurostar site was responsive but the pace for both issues were very different. A new FAQ experience to tablet and mobile was applied quickly so that the customer center received less phone calls. The rest of the site becoming response involved a more comprehensive UX procedure which took in all available website analytics, previous marketing research and stakeholder opinions.

For the new FAQ site, I combined the Bootstrap framework and my own designed UI kit. I was able to provide live environment designs that combined the current Eurostar branding into a cleaner, more modern and simpler experience for the customer.
For the rest of the site, the combination or workshops, moodboards and my own competitor research assisted in the creation of asset focused style tiles that were presented to stakeholders for a final influence decision and first iteration of the Eurostar's new UI. The new style was well received throughout the user testing.
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