Two separate tasks were taken on which both involved external collaboration
Eurostar Help Centre
• Working with Salesforce specialists and customer service staff to define content production and front end display.
• Research into FAQ best practices and Bootstrap component usage to apply onto responsive site.
• Live design changes through coding HTML and CSS on site.
• Creation of UI kit on Photoshop for future Eurostar sites that get hosted on Salesforce platform.
Responsive Web Design
• Collaborating with an agency for redesign of main site, with items such as heuristic evaluations.
• Participating in brand and content workshops to define visual direction and priorities for redesign.
• Research and competitor analysis with a focus on content heavy pages as our initial rollout would begin with landing pages.
• Research into existing pattern libraries, design systems and the atomic design structure.
• Exploring UI with style tiles using Sketch before live prototyping of selected pages.
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