Eurostar - On board entertainment
To improve the customer experience on board, Eurostar have brought in an on-train only entertainment website in which customers can access through their own tablet or mobile device. Taking this experience onto personal devices is unique compared to set devices, especially as this results in creating a responsive solution.
Requirements gathering
• Information architecture of app from UX specialists.
• Interviews with product owners and software providers to determine feasibility for MVP.
• Brand guidelines from documentations and interviews with brand and marketing heads.
• Combining competitor analysis from airline in-flight entertainment products with responsive web design practices.
• Google material design practices, in particular card UI and responsive layouts.
Design strategy
• High detailed mockups of UI were designed from wireframes using Photoshop.
• Low fidelity prototypes using Marvel, showcased as videos to stakeholders.
• Guerrilla user testing in departure lounge using prototypes gave insights on the ease of use as well as an understanding of which users would want this the most.
• One round of iterations based of user feedback and brand team feedback.
• Provided comprehensive document of component library with CSS attributes, interactions and animation rules.
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