Hays Recruitment
Improvement was needed in regards to the communication between a Hays consultant and their clients who are looking for talent. Points for consideration included better organisation of chosen candidates and its ability to integrate into existing technology within Hays.
Requirements gathering
• Initial user flows from a consultants perspective.
• Market segmentation with helped defined the different types of users.
• Existing digital brand guidelines from online portal.
• Research publications that included findings and hypotheses from data comparison and people comparison UI.
• Hosting consultant interviews which highlighted daily actions as well as including ethnographic observations during the interviews.
• Redefined user flows based on comparison research.
• Further competitor analysis with improved focus based on consultant interview findings.
• User personas based consultant data and insight into hiring procedure.
Design strategy​​​​​​​
• Initial high detailed wireframes from sketches and concepts using Sketch.
• Low fidelity prototypes to showcase to stakeholders using Marvel.
• High fidelity prototypes with working scenarios in mind using Axure RP.
• Lab based scenario based user testing using the high fidelity prototypes.
• One round of iterations based on user testing results to be applied to prototypes.
• Report of future user testing structure and diary studies.
• UI Kit using Photoshop was provided to developers with all components needed.
• User journey plan with screenshots and videos for developer handover.
Additional projects
• A/B Testing - Collaborating with an agency on initial focus of problems within site while measuring impact of solutions.
• Timesheet app - Defining user flow of existing version of product.
• Design system business case - Initial research into digital accessibility and its related issues to Hays brand while bringing in the atomic design methods.
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