My objective was to provide the Interaction designer resource for multiple scrum teams during my contract. This involved picking up existing end-to-end digital services that focused on the user needs.
Requirements gathering
•   Alpha phase user journey maps, prototypes, user needs, user testing feedback and GDS assessment feedback from previous Interaction Designers.
•   Discovery and Alpha phase information from User Researchers, Content Designers and key stakeholders.
•   Iterative design cycles were kept in place with further user testing with latest prototype, built by myself.
•   Additional discovery of active sections and ‘unhappy paths’ within end-to-end journey. All visual mapping was done using Google Diagrams
•   Further definition of the full service map which included interviews with call centres. This also helped with discovering any other users that could have a low digital inclusion score.
•   Iteration of user journey maps.
•   Further development of HTML prototype, while converting to latest methods of deployment and keeping UI within GDS standards. All prototyping was coded using Atom.
•   Further development of user personas, with a focus on assisted digital users.
•   Review and changes actioned for analytics based on business requirements and user needs.
•   Applying prototype changes into JIRA tickets for next version of service build.
•   Rebuild of digital entry point via Optimizely.
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